Updated VIB.net terms

I have updated the Disclaimer and Terms of use. The changes are mainly important for users of VIB premium.

I realized that I needed to add a section about what will happen if/when I decide to quit the premium section of this website. Since credits have no set expiration date on VIB premium, any unspent credits by users are a liability. It is certain that at some point this site will stop, simply because nothing lasts or lives for ever. I don’t want to be faced with a potentially large and increasing liability of unspent credits at some future date with no good and clear way of handling the situation then.

So, I’ve added a section that describes how this will be handled in the future. In short, I have the option to discontinue VIB premium. Users of the service will then have a period of one year from the announcement of this discontinuance to spend any remaining credits in their accounts. If I decide to quit before January 01, 2019, I will refund any user for the remaining (unspent) credits in their accounts.

This seemed like a reasonable solution to me to handle this issue. It is something I didn’t give any thought when I launched VIB premium and decided to use a system with credits that do not expire. Well, the credits might not expire, but it is certain that I will at some point!

I assume that current premium members won’t have an issue with this solution. If you’re not happy with how I’ve handled this problem, you can contact me and I’ll refund any unused credits in your account.

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