Companies Profiled & Performance

Companies in bold text were in my portfolio at the time of the write-up for that company. I still own a number of them.

Share prices adjusted for stock splits where applicable. All results mentioned exclude (special) dividends and capital returns, which in some cases were significant (i.e. PNE Industries, CMI Ltd, Kleemann Hellas). This is purely done to keep things simple. The purpose of this page is not to provide an accurate picture of the returns of my personal portfolio, but to give readers a very rough idea of how the stocks of companies discussed on performed since they were mentioned on the site.

For the same reasons I have not included a benchmark in the spreadsheet. My portfolio up until this point (December 2015) has always consisted of more positions than I have publicly disclosed on the blog. Also, I wouldn’t know which benchmark to pick. The companies mentioned on this site are an international collection of often very small and illiquid stocks.