Brook Crompton (AWC.SI) update: majority shareholder shenanigans

I wanted to post an update about Brook Crompton (AWC.SI) which I last wrote about two years ago. Back then the situation seemed pretty attractive: a cash-rich company with relatively steady earnings, trading at a nice discount to book value, and with some buyout potential from the majority shareholder. Enough for me to buy a […]

COVER 50 S.p.A.

A quick post on a small recent position for me, COVER 50 S.p.A. (COV.MI). The company is listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market in Italy since 2015. The Growth Milan market was formerly known as AIM Italia.

Procurri Corporation: a lot cheaper than it looks

I have been a shareholder of Procurri since last year. Recently I added to my position and it is now a top three position in my portfolio (I’m very diversified in my investing though). I first heard about the company from janeo on Twitter. Well worth a follow if you’re interested in deep value stocks, […]

Some closing thoughts on Cambria Automobiles

Cambria Automobiles (LON:CAMB) announced today that CEO Mark Lavery’s offer of 82.5p to take the company private is going to succeed. The company needed at least 75% of the shares to vote in favor of the scheme, and unfortunately 75.99% of the shares now support the offer. The nail that sealed the coffin was one […]