Takeover bid for Hakuseisha (JP:9736)

A positive development today for one of the Japanese companies in my portfolio. Aeon Delight has made a takeover offer for shares of Hakuseisha Co (JP:9736) of ¥800 per share. This is a 139% premium to the October 27 closing price of ¥335. Aeon Delight (JP:9787) is a public company itself and has a market […]

Scantech Limited (ASX: SCD): a cautionary tale

Scantech is an Australian company that provides on-line real-time measurement technology for bulk materials. Their equipment is primarily used in the cement, coal and minerals industries. Scantech’s equipment can analyse the quality of the materials and can help companies with the blending, grading and sorting of those materials. Examples of their products can be found […]

CMI Limited (ASX:CMI)

It’s been a while since I last discussed a new position. That is mostly due to the fact that I have made few changes. In the past couple of months I have mostly bought a little more of some existing positions and sold a few positions that moved up in price. Things are starting to […]

AP Oil’s stock boosted by report from KGI Fraser

Yesterday I noticed that the stock of one of my holdings in Singapore, AP Oil International (SGX:5AU), suddenly jumped 20%. There was no press release or other corporate event that I could find. After asking on Twitter I was pointed (thanks Writser!) to a report by broker KGI Fraser Securities (PDF). KGI initiated coverage on AP […]

Eidai Kako: 53% of NCAV and 29% of BV

A recent buy for my basket in Japan is Eidai Kako (TYO:7877). This is another example of a stock with a lot-size of 1000 shares that is trading at an extreme discount to book value and net current asset value. At the current stock price of ¥287, the minimum investment required would be about $2400. […]