Kino Polska TV

I bought some shares in the Polish company Kino Polska TV (WSE:KPL) recently. The company is a TV broadcaster in Poland. Some of their channels are: Kino Polska, Kino TV, FilmBox Premium HD, Zoom TV and Stopklatka.

Bamboos Health Care Holdings

I spent a couple of hours yesterday reading about Bamboos Health Care Holdings (2293.HK). Hong Kong is a place where I’m still finding lots of interesting stocks to look at and Bamboos caught my eye because it looks quite cheap at first glance.

Delko SA

I bought a small position in Polish micro-cap Delko SA (WSE:DEL) recently. Delko is active in the wholesale distribution of household chemicals, personal care products and cosmetics in Poland.

Philip Morris ČR

Philip Morris ČR manufactures tobacco products in the Czech Republic. They also own a subsidiary in Slovakia that sells and distributes products there.