Brook Crompton (AWC.SI) update: majority shareholder shenanigans

I wanted to post an update about Brook Crompton (AWC.SI) which I last wrote about two years ago. Back then the situation seemed pretty attractive: a cash-rich company with relatively steady earnings, trading at a nice discount to book value, and with some buyout potential from the majority shareholder. Enough for me to buy a […]

Procurri Corporation: a lot cheaper than it looks

I have been a shareholder of Procurri since last year. Recently I added to my position and it is now a top three position in my portfolio (I’m very diversified in my investing though). I first heard about the company from janeo on Twitter. Well worth a follow if you’re interested in deep value stocks, […]

Brook Crompton

Brook Crompton (AWC.SI) is a Singapore listed distributor of electric motors. These motors are used in various industrial sectors, like mining, oil & gas, marine and HVAC. The company is controlled by Wolong Electric Group (“Wolong”) which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The majority ownership by a Chinese entity, the cash hoarding and […]

Multi-Chem Limited

When I first saw the name of Multi-Chem Limited (AWZ.SI), I thought that it was some sort of producer of chemical products, but the company is in a very different business.