Add Credits

On this page you can add credits to your ( account. These credits can then be used to access the premium content.

Before proceeding, make sure you first login to your account or register for an account if you don’t yet have one! When you’re logged in, your username should be displayed in a bar on the top-right of your screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE for European Union visitors: I am NOT able to accept payments from users located in the European Union! The reason for excluding EU citizens for this service is that some special VAT rules have been introduced by the EU. It is virtually impossible for me to conform to these rules. I’ve written about this in some more detail here. So please do not register for this site or try to use the premium service if you are a citizen of a EU country. Payments from EU citizens will not be accepted.

Select a package

There are currently three packages. The largest package gives you some extra value:

  • 50 Credits for €50
  • 100 Credits for €100
  • 230 Credits for €200

Note: currency conversion is automatically handled by PayPal. I’m using Euro’s for payments on this site, because I’m based in Europe and this makes administration on my end a lot easier.

To add credits and gain access to the premium section of this site, select a package option and click on the Buy Now button below. Again, do not make a payment if you are located in a EU country.

What do I get for these credits?

To give you an idea of what that these credits will actually get you:

  • A write-up of a portfolio position will normally cost between 10 to 20 credits to access.
  • A write-up about a company I don’t own (yet) will generally cost only 5 to 10 credits to access.

For example: If you buy 100 credits this will give you access to 5 to 10 write-ups of portfolio positions or up to ten other investment ideas that look attractive or interesting to me. If you buy the largest package it will give you 230 credits in total. The extra 30 credits in value you receive, allow you to get (future) access to at least another portfolio write-up and another idea.

Purchased credits DO NOT expire! This allows you to pick those write-ups and ideas that you might actually be interested in without being pressured to spend the credits. By purchasing credits, you agree to the terms described on the page Disclaimer & Terms of Service.

Select a package option and click the Buy Button above to add credits to your account.

Thank you for your support. I hope you will enjoy the premium content!